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Probably the single most important key to workplace safety is communication. OSHA mandates that workplace safety hazards must be clearly identified and communicated. Ergomat's comprehensive line of DuraStripe products offers an extensive catalog of standard and customizable visual and verbal communication tools to support and enhance any industrial or commercial safety program.

From more traditional aisle striping tools through more recently adopted 5S and Visual Workplace efficiency tools, the DuraStripe family of products has led the market in introducing flexible, durable peel-&-stick products for clear communication on the factory floor. Since the introduction of DuraStripe, many competitors have joined the market with me-too products, but only the DuraStripe line has continued to evolve to meet the expanding needs of users and innovators.

DuraStripe signage, interactive LED signs, and Ergomat graphic mats complete the collection of verbal communication tools offered in a variety of easily customized, flexible formats to reinforce and enhance any facility safety communication program.

All the matting and DuraStripe products we supply are unparalleled in effectiveness and value. We serve all markets – from heavy industry, manufacturing and distribution to technical and critical environments like electronics, pharmaceutical, food processing and medical facilities. Our comprehensive tailored solution packages are designed to improve workplace health, safety, productivity and ROI for the world's leading brands. Experienced field representatives and customer service teams draw on a long standing reputation for excellence and a demonstrated history of problem solving performance. We contribute these unmatched capabilities in partnership with clients to supply dynamic products which effectively address compliance challenges in the evolving workplace.

DuraStripe 5S & Lean Solutions

5S/Lean Solutions

Ergomat's comprehensive catalog of DuraStripe 5S products.

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DuraStripe Aisle Marking & Safety Striping


The Shortest Distance Between Two Points is Peel & Stick Striping

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DuraStripe Signs

DuraStripe Signs

Durable signage for clear directions.

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LED Solutions

LED Solutions: Matting & Interactive Signs

Enlightened Solutions for Productivity and Safety

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